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Persistence pays and the time you invest in learning how to play will reap big dividends once you start playing online. GT Sport also has a local two-player split-screen co-op mode in case you want to play with someone at home. Each of these lessons has three levels — bronze, silver, and gold — to keep you hooked for a long time. Some of the initial Driving School challenges in GT Sport took us just one or two tries to land the gold medal, but soon enough we found ourselves trying some challenges over 20 times before we could get the gold medal. We highly recommend that you spend some time in the Driving School if you’ve never played simulation racing games, or if you just want to polish your skills. We definitely saw a marked improvement in our race times before and after we went to the Driving School. You’ll earn more car colors and more hats and more everything else by simply playing the game.

Thoughtful options like these are why we feel that GT Sport was developed to please hardcore fans and be welcoming to newcomers as well. Between these assists and the Driving School, new players have a lot to look forward to with GT Sport.

There’s an offline mode that has you playing against computer-controlled AI teams. I’m sure that’s fine, but where "Rocket League" shines is online, against other human beings controlling rocket-powered cars.

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In 13 seasons at Sand Springs, Kinard guided the Sandites to mark with seven playoff appearances. In 2015, his Sandite team reached the Class 6AII championship game, which Bixby won 38-28.

Exiting the challenge, moving the selection the next one, and then finally starting it felt a bit too tedious at Google Earth times. We played GT Sport on a PS4 and encountered slightly long loading times in the game. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the loading times in Forza Motorsport 7 though, which is a plus.

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Experienced players can go and finetune their car’s setup to suit the weather and track, apart from using manual transmission and no assists to race. This balance is pretty good and even tough AI doesn’t feel unfair in GT Sport.

There are minor quibbles such as the UI having a weird mouse pointer on a console exclusive title. Sometimes when you want to switch from one option to the next, it takes two interactions with the analogue stick because the pointer doesn’t move to the next menu item automatically. We also wished that Driving School lessons would give you an option to go to the next challenge on finishing one.