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Early last year, users were greeted with a mysterious notification from the app due to a technical error. However, it appears that the company has gone overboard with the number of push notifications it’s sending in the past few days. Samsung has confirmed that an internal test was to blame after a slew of users received a strange push notification from the Find My Mobile application. Although push notifications can be incredibly useful, they are productivity killers. Ideally, you’ll decide which applications and websites can send you push notifications, so you have full control over the notices that you see. With Firefox, you can block websites from sending you push notifications, whitelist exceptions, and disable all of them temporarily.

  • People get these messages all the time from random numbers.
  • Doing this will mean the push service will only run if you are connected to a wireless network .
  • You can create and edit notes or to-­do lists without Internet connection, and all updates will be synchronized to Note Station in DSM when the Internet is connected.

A new window called application setting will be enabled, enter surveillance private browsing mode, as well as search the alternative Block pop-ups. Whenever this option is discovered, toggle it off by sliding the toggle back. Otherwise, you may even enable an ad-blocker on your smart phone which will protect your device from pop-ups ads. If you are concerned that the notification wasn’t sent by Samsung, you can temporarily disable the Find My Mobile feature on your Galaxy phone. To do that, open the Settings app, navigate to Biometrics and security,and turn off the feature by tapping the toggle next to it. You can enable the feature again once Samsung confirms that there is nothing to be worried about. We’ve reached out to the company for a comment and will update this article as soon as it gets back to us and/or once it makes an official statement.

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Fixed an issue where the DSM user interface might fail to be properly displayed when DHCP Server receives invalid DNS addresses. Fixed an issue where firewall rules might not be displayed correctly when users add or remove rules on the same port.

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Most of my apps you don’t need to fill them out after you sign in the first time. This is the first time experiencing this with so I don’t know how to fix it. Side note THIS KEYBOARD IS THE WORST AT PREDICTIONS. This is my 3rd samsung and it’s almost never gets things right.

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Once the reset is complete you will be back to the same recovery mode menu. Press the Power button to select Reboot system now. Some users reported that stopping the automatic date option can help to fix – unfortunately, the process has stopped error on a Galaxy S7. Finally, reboot the Android smartphone and then check whether the Unfortunately, Samsung Push Service the process has stopped error has been resolved. How to fix the has stoppederror.

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You should see some sort of Wi-Fi connection option that you can turn off. Androids tend to come with this setting turned off by default. In short, one device can kick another off the Wi-Fi, especially if it’s streaming HD video, he said. And if you’re talking about an iPhone or iPad and an Android, the Apple product will frequently bump the Android product off the Wi-Fi and onto costly data. „Apple products tend to take over Wi-Fi connections,” he said.