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Chances are that you have one of the over 2.2 billion iPhones out there, and – like already over 35% of the iPhone users – you’ve updated to iOS 14. Now, if you’re also one of the over 68 million Apple Music subscribers, you are all set. If you have a filled iTunes music library, this should work just as fine. When you run the Shortcut for the first time, you’ll need to allow it to access the Apple Music library. Siri will run the pre-installed “Music Quiz” Shortcut, which you can find in your Shortcuts app under My Shortcuts in the Starter Shortcuts Folder.

  • Mini Metro tasks you with creating working subway lines on a limited budget.
  • This time, he’s gone for pink as the hue, with 50 levels that need their own logic to turn the screen pink.
  • Ingress Prime is the second game in the Ingress series, and the spiritual brethren of Pokémon Go.

While games like „NBA 2K19” can still be plenty of fun on Android, the game looks and plays better on console, and I don’t want to recommend a game that offers a subpar experience on your smartphone. I know it is against the rules to have an app placed in the Google Playstore to sell apps itself, but there is nothing against making an own market like amazon does so or others. With Clash of Clans , the features that worked were a unique cast of troops, the emphasis on the characters, and the gaming enthusiasts developing a deep attachment to the characters. It’s no wonder that though the developers launched the app in 2012 —and it is still going strong.

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That drawer may contain a key, and that key will open another chain of puzzles that gets you closer to the mysteries that wait inside. The best case for games as art on the App Store, Monument Valley plays like a living painting — specifically, one by M.C. As Ida explores her environments, you’ll move things in impossible ways to guide her safely to the exit. There’s no shortage of tower defense games online apk downloader on the App Store, but if you can only play one, play Kingdom Rush. The game’s focus on balance and well-designed stages enables you to scale your strategy as the challenge mounts on each map. Then, place your phone on your forehead while it displays a word. Everyone else needs to help you guess that word—the faster, the better.

Checkers is another old-school board game that uses the same basic board as Chess. Each player is assigned a side of the board and begins with twelve game pieces. The pieces can move diagonally across the board towards the other player’s side, with the goal of “jumping” the other’s players game pieces until the other player has none remaining.

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In this game you can design different levels of the game by your own. Currently, this game is best music game for iPhone and iPad available on App Store.