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Exvius is a special game, since apart from “classic gacha mechanics”, there’s also a lot of JRPG features, like actually walking in towns, talking with NPCs, physically entering item shops, side quests etc. This makes for a quite refreshing gameplay experience, paired with a ton of lore and storylines. I’m sad the negatives took so much space, but there’s not many more of them, so the rest of the deal is quite good! It’s also a great side-game you can play, since it doesn’t consume so many resources, and you won’t be able to progress that fast.

It provide lots of hero pieces and scrolls and diamonds, which is helpful in providing lots of upgrading resources. Let’s forget the higher level of quality first, because there are not so many resources can be used to upgrade. The higher levels you pass, the better the auto-yield reward. In Quake 4, Medic Egan from Wolf squad says the phrase during the first level aboard Hannibal.

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I believe there are better units though, in which you don’t have to invest as much to make them viable. Luther – Great for crowd control, even better when teamed up with Markus. Jet – A decent unit that pairs up well with Sebastian for an added element of damage.

  • Her mother Vivian Hare died shortly after the Lylat Wars due to an illness.
  • To clean install older or new video drivers, it is better to use Display Driver Uninstaller for uninstalling video drivers.
  • While a mage she reduces enemy teams healing and turns that into magic damage.
  • These items can be exchanged for guild activity points which will definitely guarantee you receiving glyphs.

The totem also appears faster, because there are 4 titans of the Earth in the squad. Eden deals tremendous damage to enemies with its stone block . The main thing here is a pumped totem, otherwise its appearance will be meaningless. The Titans are additional heroes who help pass the Guild Dungeon.

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You just need to select a specific mission, send a team . Artifact fragments can be purchased from a merchant in the Airship and in the Valley of the Titans. They can be obtained in the Airship by completing daily missions and opening the Valkyrie Blessing chest. Artifacts need to Hero Wars raise stardom and level to improve the basic characteristics. Other aspects will to one degree or another increase the main characteristics of the hero. The main goal in the game is to collect a magnificent five, which will occupy first places in the ranking of the Arena.