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About 12% of the officers were injured and less than 1% of the officers were killed as a result of the incident. From the perspective of the transporting officer, it’s important to remember to treat every transport as a dangerous high-risk transport. One of the biggest killers when transporting inmates is complacency.

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Do not scrimp on equipping vehicles with proper containment and restraint systems, especially if one vehicle is to be used to transport inmates of differing security levels. Maximum security prisoners should be kept in secure one-person enclosures with no access to the rest of the containment area. As the need for prisoner transport options grows in the law enforcement and corrections community, many departments are looking to affordable and flexible options.

  • By the end Download Army Prisoner Transport APK for Android of May 1944 employment was at 72.8%, and by late April 1945 it was 91.3%.
  • The cuffs on his hands and the leg irons on his ankles were proof to Wilson that the full weight of the law had fallen on him as the PTS bus moved him through the Midwest last year.
  • And when an Extraditions International van stopped for a restroom break in Canyon Country, California on January 23, 2000, the guards carelessly left the keys in the ignition.
  • The goal of correctional-treatment programs is to return prisoners to civilian life as productive citizens or to the Army as productive soldiers.
  • A Missouri trooper asked about realistic ways to more safely transport arrestees in a patrol car without a cage.