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According to census data in India, the child sex ratio (0–6 years) in India was 927 girls per 1,000 boys in 2001, which dropped to 918 girls for every 1,000 boys in 2011. In the Population Census of 2011 it was revealed that the population ratio of India 2011 is 919 females per 1000 of males. The Sex Ratio 2011 shows a downward trend from the census 2001 data. But innocent, eager Roja, age 5, is on the path to a brighter future. She attends a Save the Children early childhood development center near her village. There, we encourage her early learning and development, including drawing and art to enhance creativity.

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A mobile app is giving a new ray of hope to girls in villages of some West Bengal districts, where incidents of child marriage and girl trafficking have been alarming in the past few decades. The worst state for girl children is Haryana with a Bharatiya Janata Party-led government, followed by Punjab with a Congress-led government. No political party has been able to check the fall of the sex ratio from 945 in Census 1991 to 918 in Census 2011; no political leader has been able to save the girl, beyond the slogan. Fourth, pink signifies every one of the 2,000 girls who are killed every day in India in the womb or just before they are born, as stated by a union minister in 2015. If you have a collection of CDs, DVDs, or games laying around, Declutter can help you turn those items into cash.

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