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Shuffle the cards sufficiently before playing, especially if the deck is brand new. Deal cards back and forth so that each player has 26 cards. If both players present cards of equal value they both lay down four cards. The first three cards are placed face down while the fourth is placed face up. The player whose fourth card is the highest captures all ten cards.

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Now suppose, in your first turn, you decide to play three cards viz. the three eights , which makes it a total of 24 points and you pull one card from the deck. You get a card, for example, five of hearts which is worth 5 points. So you gave 24 points and picked up 5 points, which is effectively giving up 19 points, and this is pretty good. After shuffling the cards, the dealer distributes 8 cards to each player.

If the fourth cards are equal the process is repeated until someone wins. In other words, a player can declare only after one turn of all the players is over.

He would be the winner in a game of four players with a single pack of cards. If 4 people are playing the game, then one pack of 52 cards is sufficient. For 4 to 8 people, two packs of cards are required, without jokers. The Cards of War A look back at the relationship between playing cards and wars over the past 200 years. A Map Inside the Cards During World War II, The United States Playing Card Company created a special deck of cards to help Allied prisoners of war escape from German POW camps. A Real Cool Hand Cool Hand Luke is one of countless films featuring cards made by The United States Playing Card Company. Line up each of your 26 cards face-down directly across from your opponent’s 26 cards.

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Go down the line and flip each card, as your opponent flips each card. This might take awhile, since War is a game of chance, but on lazy day, it’s a great way to occupy your time. The goal of the game is to eventually win all of the cards.

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It is based on normal War, where wars consist of three cards face-down and one face-up, however with the addition of the high-value Jokers to the deck. Another difference is that after a war has been one, instead of collecting cards and placing them at the bottom of one’s deck, they are placed in a separate pile face-up. Cards that are newly won are placed on top, and the winner can decide which to place directly on top.

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The cards ranging from the ace up to ten carry their respective number of points. As for example, An ace of spades is one point, a seven of diamonds is seven points, a three of clubs is three points and so on. So ideally if a person were to declare with all the eight cards in his hand, then he would have a minimum of 4 points if he had all the 4 Queens and all the 4 aces.