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Seasoned journalists and academic officials reduce the fluff, saving you time as you learn everything there is to know about current changes in the online academic environment. eLogic Learning helps teachers navigate eLearning and allows them to create useful online coursework that effectively connects to students. With a large selection of coursework, it’s useful for anyone looking to expand their breadth of knowledge. WizIQ makes online teaching easier through useful “virtual classrooms” and intuitive tools for designing personalized classwork. They provide a great blog and case studies to supplement the site as well. Schoology is an innovative solution for teachers who want to improve their methods for teaching and to organize course content in a more effective manner.

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The site regularly posts about different EdTech pieces and how to most efficiently incorporate the new technologies into learning. iSpring Quizmaker is a super easy to use quiz authoring software that makes building quizzes a breeze for teachers in both online and in-person settings.

Thousands of educators who are focused on e-learning have joined this professional association to engage in an international forum about ideas Globus VPN Browser geared toward its members and their target audiences. AECT is the oldest professional organization for this field, and it is the most recognized association for information concerning instructional and educational technology. Meet an eclectic and diverse group of instructional design team members who concentrate on course and faculty development projects. CommLab specializes in e-learning systems that are customized to serve the businesses that use their tools. They specialize in translation, localization, mobile learning, and custom solutions in a learning management system that serves over 30 Fortune 500 and Global Fortune companies and organizations. Cat’s Pyjamas helps teachers from around the world explore education technology and increase their understanding of innovative eLearning techniques.

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He’s an active figure in the EdTech and eLearning communities, frequently speaking at symposiums. His wealth of knowledge is particularly useful for teachers wondering how they can innovate new integrations with technology in learning.

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  • Importantly, interactivity allows users to explore the data themselves and can provide a useful tool to aid sensitivity analyses.
  • Otherwise, to represent all the dimensions of the data and illustrate the necessary perspectives, multiple static graphs must be produced .
  • Conventionally, SROC curves are published as static graphs.
  • An alternative to static graphs is to consider interactive graphs.
  • Static graphs can be limiting as they must display all of their elements on the same surface at the same time.

The site gives tools so that teachers may work from iPads and iPhones as well. Courselab is a great tool for authoring original eLearning content without having to worry about programming. Its intuitive nature allows for high-quality and interactive learning with facets of innovation that help differentiate it from many of the other competitors in the field. This is what makes Courselab such a great tool for teachers.

The company’s other software products could be useful in an educational setting as well, and they get great reviews. E-Learning Journeys breaks down the most useful sites for new eLearning technologies and MOOC’s. The regularly updated blog also links to a great Twitter that consistently tweets useful eLearning and online educational tools. David Hopkins is a learning technologist at the University of Leicester, and he uses this site to engage educators in the technology of eLearning, mLearning, and online learning software. As a ‘learning technologist,’ David welcomes comments and feedback as he winds his way through an ever-changing field. Wired Academic offers a slick format for educators who want to stay on top of information and analysis about the online education industry.