Regarding GCFScape

GCFScape is a tiny device that can open as well as remove from GCF data that are used by Heavy steam for game web content storage space. It can be downloaded.

GCFScape 1.7.1 or much better is required to open up VPK files. To browse the base material of a game making use of VPK, you need to open the index file pak_01_dir. vpk.


Pointer: When you mount GCFScape see to it you associate GCF data with GCFScape so they'’ ll open immediately. The documents will certainly be offered symbols if this has been done.

When a GCF is opened, the program will appear like this:

Clicking the little button, you can surf the folders clicking them so they increase and also reveal subfolders thus, after that clicking on a folder will show the components to the right:

Right clicking a documents will bring up a context food selection from where you can remove from:

Clicking this will certainly bring up a home window where you can pick your conserve location:

Clicking OK will certainly extract the documents to your chosen area.Join Us gfcscape website

Sustained Formats

Along with GCF data, GCFScape also supports Half-Life BSP, NCF, PAK, VPK, HEAP, and also XZP data.


The adhering to options are offered inside the options menu in GCFScape:


Enable verbose logging (allowed by default). Disable this option to decrease log result. This can be helpful when you are drawing out big amounts of documents as well as just intend to be educated of errors.

Submit Mapping

Enable Windows documents mapping (allowed by default). File mapping is an efficient method of arbitrary data access. Some operating systems have problems with file mapping (in particular Windows 98) and also might create mistakes; disable this option in such situations.

Quick File Mapping

Map the entire documents to memory (instead of pieces of it as needed). Properly caches the data in memory. Can speed up things up if you have adequate complimentary memory. Some operating systems have problems with file mapping (in particular Windows 98) and may produce errors; disable this alternative in such cases.

Unstable Accessibility

Enable unstable documents access (allowed by default). By default, Steam loads.gcf data in read/write mode and also is liable to change their components any time (as updates take place). Must this take place, GCFScape would end up being unstable and likely collision. Volatile access permits you to open up GCF files packed in Steam at your own danger. It is typically stable and can verify useful for analyzing which files Steam is upgrading.

Create Accessibility

Enable create data gain access to (handicapped by default). Write gain access to provides GCFScape the capacity to modify particular documents and is not compatible with unstable access for the instability a mix of both would certainly cause. This option is required for GCF defragmentation.


In variation 1.5.0, GCFScape included the capability to validate GCF files. This procedure computes a collection of hybrid CRC 32 and also Adler-32 checksums for each file within a GCF data as well as contrasts each checksum to the checksums precalculated and also kept within the GCF data. This feature offers a fast alternative to Steam for examining GCF corruption as well as listing corrupt and also incomplete documents, yet can not fix corrupted GCF data as Vapor can.

To verify all or part of a GCF data making use of GCFScape, finish the complying with steps:

  1. Introduce GCFScape.
  2. From the File menu, open your GCF data.
  3. Search to the leading degree folder you desire to validate (root for the entire GCF documents).
  4. Right click on the folder and also select Validate.
  5. Repeat actions 2-4 for each GCF documents you desire to verify.


In variation 1.6.0, the ability to defragment GCF documents was added to GCFScape. This attribute was added after several tests by Nem indicated that Heavy steam'’ s constructed in defragmenter did not constantly entirely defragment a game'’ s GCF files. As a matter of fact, Vapor would certainly commonly falsely report a fragmentation of 0% when real fragmentation was as high or more than 10%, a worth very harmful to performance.

GCFScape defines the fragmentation ratio to be the variety of made use of collections that are out of order split by the total number of made use of clusters. The initial cluster in a file can never ever be out of order, so a documents that contains only one cluster (typically < <8192 B) can never be fragmented. At 10% fragmentation, a regular ~ 785 MEGABYTES GCF documents (about 100,000 collections at 8192 B per cluster) would need, usually, one look for operation for each 80 KB of data check out. You can view the fragmentation of any type of file or folder (root for the whole GCF documents) by inspecting its residential properties.

To defragment your GCF files making use of GCFScape, complete the adhering to steps:

  1. Closure Heavy steam.
  2. Launch GCFScape.
  3. In the Options food selection, allow Write Gain access to and disable Volatile Gain access to.
  4. From the Data menu, open your GCF data.
  5. From the Tools food selection, choose Defragment.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 for every GCF documents you desire to defragment.

Keep in mind: The defragmentation procedure is quite sluggish, however can be canceled as well as resumed at any time.

Running GCFScape

GCFScape calls for. INTERNET 4.0 (or later), as well as Aesthetic C++ 2010 Runtime (x86 or x64) to run.

These demands relate to all running systems, MacOS and also Linux users will certainly need to set up these in order to run GCFScape through Wine.