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If you operate in Lightroom a great deal at some stage you will want to know where your Lightroom documents are stored. Lightroom has a lot of pointers to help you find its files but these are not always as obvious as they might be. In this post, I’ll tell you where to discover things like your catalog, backups and presets. Where is your Lightroom catalogue? To see where your currently open Lightroom catalogue is saved, in Windows click on the Lightroom button in the top left side of this screen or click the title bar when the app is not put to full screen view and select Show Catalog Location. Windows Explorer will open with the current catalog. Lrcat file chosen for you. On a Mac, Control + click the title bar. It is also possible to find the place of the currently open catalogue by choosing Edit > Catalog Settings (Lightroom > Catalog Preferences to the Mac). From the General tab click on the Show button and you will be taken to the folder which has your Lightroom catalogue. In this case however you’ll be taken a step higher up the folder hierarchy than you would be if you’d used the first procedure. Where are your Presets? To discover where your Lightroom presets have been stored, select Edit > Preferences (Lightroom > Preferences on the Best Riesling Mobile Lightroom Presets Mac) and then pick the Presets tab. Click on the Display Lightroom Presets Folder button in order to a Lightroom presets folder. This folder comprises subfolders of presets for all out of Color Profiles through Create Presets into Watermarks and Internet Templates each of which is stored in a separate subfolder based on its type. You may also right click on a preset and select Show in Explorer (Show in Finder on the Mac) to see that preset on disc. This is helpful for example when you have established your own preset and would like to discuss it with others. You just must provide them the. Lrtemplate document for this specific preset. Thus far so good, but what about my Identity Plates? Identity Plates are handled differently to presets and they are saved in the actual Lightroom catalog file. This means that unlike presets, individuality plates that you produce are not readily available to each catalogue in case you have several catalogs. Presets, on the flip side, if they are stored away from the catalogue (the default setting) will be accessible regardless of which Lightroom catalog you’re using. Unless you’ve got skills at editing database files — that is much more complex a procedure than many of us actually need to do — you will need to create separate identification plates for every catalogue which you use