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The result is a fantastic-looking skin, complete with a fun Halloween story involving various Overwatch characters on the side of good and evil. So far, Moira hasn’t had the best event skins, and her David Bowie look is getting overplayed. Her Banshee skin is by far the best one yet, and it’s fitting considering it involves Irish Mythology.

Now this skin is much better and more creative than her vampire skin. As an ally to Witch Mercy, the dragonic summoner is as deadly as this skin is detailed. The overall look is something you weren’t expecting, with a purple and gold color scheme and dragon horns to boot.

She truly looks like something horrific with her draping hair and glowing eyes. Throw in her fade ability and she was already on the cusp of being supernatural, making this a perfect match. Lucio was already memorizing, but turning his dreadlocks into snakes was a marvelous idea. Giving Medusa a run for her money, his new glowing green eyes really do stop you in your tracks.

  • Use it as a stand-alone software sampler running an application such as Tascam’s Gigastudio, Steinberg’s HALion or NI’s Kontakt.
  • These two features also include plenty of links to gateway sites that should help you track down the perfect sequencer for your needs.
  • If you’re looking for software to suit an older PC, you should find some ideas in 'Easier Alternatives To Flagship Music Apps’, from SOS April 2005 (/sos/apr05/articles/pcmusician.htm).
  • In addition to this, Logic X only accepts 64-bit versions of these plugins, so if you have any old plugins that have not been updated out of 32-bit , you will need some sort of wrapper / converter software.
  • Other fruitful sources of surprisingly capable music applications are shareware and freeware.

Not to mention, the back is fully-customizable with Dbrand’s 3M vinyl skins. The skins are extremely easy to apply and remove as you please, and if you’d like, you can always order additional skins after your Grip is delivered. It’s a fine-looking download Popcorn Time case on its own, but where things get really exciting is when you factor in Dbrand’s skins. When you order the Grip, you can customize it by adding a skin for an extra $10. Just like how Dbrand skins go on your phone to give it a unique look and feel, these skins apply to the back of the Grip and do the same thing.

It’s one of those skins that just is a good fit for the character’s design, earning a solid spot on our list. As we noted earlier, we weren’t escaping vampire skins, and we now have three! Of course, Reaper needed to one-up Symmetra and Mei by turning himself into The Count. The black and red trenchcoat alongside his guns just make him look out for blood. Yes, this skin was previously a Blizzcon exclusive and not associated with the Halloween event, but Blizzard changed that this year.

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The best skins surprise you and make you excited to hit the equip button, which is why this is so high on our list. Dr. Jamison Junkenstein is the catalyst for the fun Junkenstein’s Revenge mode, earning him major points. However, it’s Junkrat’s fascination with explosives and wild hair that makes him the perfect fit for a mad scientist. After all, nothing pleases him more than creating chaos and destruction.

Speaking of cool skins you want to immediately equip, Zenyatta’s cultist skin more than qualifies. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu, it transforms the omnic into a scaly, squid-faced creature. Zenyatta’s meditative pose gives a peaceful and serene feel that just begs for worship. It’s also not a stretch to say that his search for spiritual enlightenment alongside his transcendence ability could spark some idolization and followers his way. But let’s not dig too deep on whether or not Zen could cause chaos by having a cult form around him.