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Here at ShootDotEditwe invest a whole great deal of time referring to prioritizing the most essential items for your photography business. To keep the conversation, we reached out to Esther de Boer of Shootzilla to discover more about the 5 phases of working on your own photography business. Keep reading if you want to discover more. Esther de Boer is the creator of ShootZilla — a photography studio control tool which organizes the feverish life of photographers in order that they can handle more shoots in almost no time with no turmoil or overwhelm! See her website for advice on growing your photography business. —————————————————— Photography Business Tips Are you wondering if you are spending your time on the proper things? You are working 50 hours each week, no delay, you really feel like you’re always working! Or like you always might get the job done. Does doubt creep in… am I working on the ideal things? Am I prioritizing the ideal items in my personal photography business plan to move my business forward? There’s a very valuable guideline that will help you decide what you need to be working on. All of it depends on what stage your photography business is in. Todd Herman defines 5 phases of company growth on his blog and what to concentrate on in every stage. I have interpreted them for one to photography companies. Whether you are learning how to start a photography business, or have Wedding Photo Editing Tips • ShootZilla been up and operating for a while, take a look below. Dream Up You don’t have a photography business yet, and you still have your work. You’ve got this fire known as photography, and you are considering creating a business out of it. You might have some clients already, or you’re only honing your skills, going to the photography forums to do weekly struggles and occasionally photographing a buddy. You are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the possibility of launching a photography company. How can you know if you are able to create a true income it out? Some questions you have may be: Where do I start? Do I require a photography company website and what equipment do I want? I really don’t have enough photography skills yet to confront all situations. I really don’t know whether I can do this next to my job. What if I fail? The way to work on your photography business at this stage: Validate if your photography is what people are waiting for. Sell a few shoots and more to the point, figure out what folks are willing to pay more for. Determine why they would or would not reserve you. Use that information to find out whether it’s possible to sell more shoots. Related: How do you understand what pricing model is best for your own photography business? Start Up when you’re in this phase, congratulations! You made the leap and started your photography business