How To Start A Youtube Channel

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Also, make friends that not only help you promote and collaborate, but who will also make constructive suggestions on your content. Nobody wants to hear that their content is terrible, of course, but it’s definitely helpful when you have a group of people you trust that can offer some criticism and improvements .

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Lastly, if you end up joining an MCN along the way, this will likely also give you access to a music library like Audio Network or something similar. The only thing that I would add is to avoid getting too wrapped up in the numbers.

  • However, it’s important to note that Google will give you 68% of the revenue when displaying ads with AdSense.
  • So, for example, if a video generates $1,000 from AdSense revenue, you will receive $680.
  • By creating a set schedule of uploads, let’s say every Tuesday night, your followers will know when to expect new content from you.
  • However, getting to this point can be tough work, and we’ll get more into that later on in this post.

You already know YouTube is an important content tool, and you’re ready to start leveraging video for your own business. I have been creating videos for many years but I just realized ‘OMG’ there’s plenty more to learn and improve. I should start following your steps today onwards.Thanks again man. I’m about to open my first channel and upload my first video. I’m starting using only my cell and I’ll be sharing small thoughts and stories on daily topics from my own perspective.

Kind of along the lines Youtubedownloaderhq of what you said about how everybody starts at the same place. Remember that the big YouTubers took YEARS to get big. And that’s 5 years of hustle, hard work, and really good luck.

YouTube does have a music catalogue to get you started, but it can get a bit repetitive if you’ve been making videos for a while. If you google “royalty free music” you’ll get a whole list of resources to find music for your videos; just make sure you provide the composers with proper credit.